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SEO Training in Mirpur Dhaka

SEO Training :

SEO is stands for search engine optimization. SEO training is one of major factor who want to build their career on SEO. “PROSPERA IT CENTER” is a professional SEO training institute in Mirpur, Dhaka. Our mission is to prepare our student with the modern and ethical SEO techniques. That can build their career as a online marketer. If you are a student, or recent complete graduate , or a business man, or a entrepreneur, or a professional or anything else you can learn SEO from our institute “PROSPERA IT CENTER”, we can teach to the real and best SEO. We can give you training with complete understanding.
Digital marketing and SEO is a flourishing industry. It is stay in a augmentative stage and this create job opportunity for SEO expert. All over the world the first generation business man and entrepreneur leaders lead their business with their own website. They target mostly the online consumers and customer as because digital or online marketing with huge budget. That’s why the scope of SEO job opportunity is increasing day by day in online marketplace for the expert SEO professional. They hire only the properly trained SEO professional for their work. So, “PROSPERA IT CENTER” is fully prepared for working verbatim together with student by taking individual care.
One SEO trained student do not depend upon their jobs as a SEO consulting or freelancer in any industry. AS a trained SEO professional anyone can start upon working as an independent SEO consultant in online marketplace. For the increasing amount of internet user the big companies are hiring SEO consultant for work with their website. As a SEO trained experts you can easily build up your career financially and professionally.
Our SEO training is totally curriculum according to designed by industry and google and other search engine’s for make your website SEO friendly. We trained you from the basic SEO to advanced SEO.

Course Module :

  • What is Search Engine Optimization or SEO.
  • What are Search Engines, Search Crawlers & Search Bots.
  • How Search Engines Work.
  • What is Search Engine Algorithm.
  • What is Search Engine Algorithm.
  • What is Onpage SEO & Offpage SEO.
  • Ethical (Whitehat) & Unethical (Black Hat / Grey Hat) SEO.
  • Understanding Search Engine Result Page (SERP).
  • Optimized HTML Structure for SEO.
  • Different HTML Elements, tags & attributes.
  • Understanding Semantic & HTML Structural Errors.
  • Validating & Optimizing HTML.
  • W3C Validation.
  • Importance of Keywords (Keyword Phrase) on Search Engine Optimization.
  • Long Tail Keywords & their importance.
  • Manual Keyword Analysis SEO Techniques.
  • Keyword Analysis for SEO using Google Adwords Keyword Planner Tool.
  • Uber Suggest tool.
  • What are Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) Keywords.
  • Keyword Density & over optimization.
  • Keyword Stuffing & Blackhat SEO & outcome.
  • Page Title Optimization.
  • Meta Description Optimization.
  • Meta Author, Robots Optimization.
  • Meta Viewport, Geo Tags Optimization.
  • Header (H1, H2, H3 etc.) Optimization.
  • Search Engine Optimized Content Writing & Optimization.
  • Keyword Placement & Strong & Emphasis tags.
  • File optimization.
  • Website Link Structure Optimization.
  • SEO friendly URL optimization.
  • Search Engine Optimized Breadcrumbs.
  • Link Title & Anchor Text Optimization.
  • Inner Link & Outbound Link Optimization.
  • Image Optimization for SEO.
  • Image Name, Image Title & Image Alt Optimization.
  • SEO friendly Website Structure & Layout Optimization.
  • Website Footer Optimization.
  • CSS, Javascript & Coding optimization.
  • Different Unethical Onpage SEO Practices & how to avoid & fix them.
  • What is Rich Snippet Markup – Structured Data.
  • How Structured Data can help in SEO.
  • Types of businesses can implement Rich Snippet Markup.
  • What is Schema.
  • Basic Schema understanding & implementation.
  • Advanced & Nested Schemas.
  • How to test & analyze Schema.
  • What is Google Webmaster.
  • Thorough understanding of Google Webmaster.
  • Microsoft Bing Webmaster Integration & complete understanding.
  • What is Google Analytics & it’s use.
  • How to activate Google Analytics with a website (self hosted or blog).
  • SEO Data Analysis & Data Mining.
  • Different Report creation from Google Analytics.
  • What is Blog & their structure.
  • How to set up a Blog.
  • How to optimize a Blog for SEO.
  • How to write & publish an optimized article on a Blog engine.
  • How to integrate a blog with a website.
  • Blogging for SEO – How it can help.
  • Importance of Inbound or Backlink Analysis of competition websites.
  • How to start analyzing inbound links.
  • Free SEO Tools for backlink analysis.
  • How to use MOZ Open Site Explorer to generate backlink report.
  • Other SEO Tools like AHREFS etc. for Inbound Link Analysis.
  • Manual SEO Techniques to research backlinks of competition websites using Google.
  • Introduction of Google Operator Search.
  • What are Inbound Links or Backlinks.
  • Why Inbound Links are crucial for Search Engine Optimization.
  • Natural & Unnatural Linking (Ethical & Unethical backlinks).
  • Different types of backlinks.
  • Nofollow & Dofollow links & their differences.
  • Benefits of Editorial Links & risks of Non-Editorial Links.
  • How to get Dofollow links from authority websites.
  • Concept of Page Rank (PR) & how to increase PR through high quality backlinks.
  • Website submission on different Search Engines.
  • Values of .EDU, .GOV & .ORG links & how to find.
  • Backlinks from .EDU, .GOV & .ORG websites.
  • What is DMOZ & DMOZ submission & guidelines.
  • What are Directories, types of directories & Directory Submissions.
  • Business listing with proper citation & consistent NAP on different city specific business directories.
  • Different high PR Social Bookmarking Websites & submissions.
  • SEO Content writing & article submissions on article submission sites.
  • How to find blogs on a particular niche.
  • Blog posting on related authority blogs.
  • Art of valuable high PR blog commenting on the niche.
  • Classified backlinks from good quality classified websites.
  • Press Release writing & submissions.
  • Alexa integration & Alexa ranking.
  • Web 2.0 backlinks.
  • Youtube optimization & inbound links from Youtube & other video broadcasting sites.
  • PowerPoint & other sharable documents creations & submissions.
  • Inbound Links from Question Answer sites.
  • Backlink Anchor Text optimization for natural & ethical SEO.
  • Link building from Social Networking platforms.
  • Google Plus (+) optimization.
  • What is Local SEO.
  • Business listing on Google My Business (Google Places).
  • Bing Local listing.
  • What is citation.
  • What is NAP.
  • Foursquare, Yelp, Hotfrog & other business directory listing.
  • Consistent Citation creation with exact NAP.
  • Business Reviews on Google My Business (Google Places) and other business directories.
  • Website structure optimization for fast loading.
  • Minified CSS (.css) & Javascript (.js) & CSS Sprite.
  • Minimizing HTTP calls.
  • Gzip activation & CDN (Content Delivery Network) management.
  • Importance of mobile friendly Responsive Website design on SEO.
  • Search Engine friendly URL rewriting techniques with .HTACCESS.
  • Importance of Redirection.
  • 301 Permanent Redirection & 302 Temporary Redirection, their differences & how to use.
  • Duplicate Content issue & Canonicalization.
  • Rel Canonical tag implementation.
  • Cannibalization issue & how to fix.
  • 404 Broken link analysis & redirection.
  • Custom 403, 404 etc. page creations.
  • Importance of sitemaps. Sitemap.xml, Sitemap.html file creations.
  • RSS file creations.
  • Robots.txt file creation & uses.
  • Quality analysis of Inbound Links, link cleaning & Google Disavow tool.
  • Complete website analysis and audit.
  • Site audit using different SEO tools.
  • Complete knowledge of different Google Algorithm updates.
  • Website recovery from Google Panda (Content) updates.
  • Website recovery from Google Penguin (Link) updates.
  • Website recovery from Google Hummingbird (Search Queries) updates.
  • Website recovery from Google Pigeon (Local) updates.
  • Website recovery from Google EMD (Exact Match Domain) updates.


Who should attend SEO Course :

  1. Students, who want to make their careers in Search Engines Optimization & Digital Marketing.
  2. Individuals, who want to work from home at their free time.
  3. Sales and Marketing Professionals.
  4. IT Professionals, Internet Enthusiasts & Geeks.
  5. Graphic & Web Designers and Website Developers.
  6. Mobile Application (Apps) Designers & Developers.
  7. Article or Content Writers.
  8. Inbound Marketers.
  9. Search Engine Marketers, Social Media Optimizers and Marketers.
  10. Digital Marketing Professionals.
  11. Bloggers and Affiliate Marketers.
  12. Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Bootstrapped Internet Startups & Webmasters.

Course Fee & Schedule :

  • Course Fee : 12,000/=
  • Course Duration : 8 weeks;
  • Total Session : 16 (16X3 hours);
  • Morning Shift : 10 am to 1pm;
  • Evening Shift : 4 pm to 7 pm;

  • This timing could be changed according to the demand of the students.



Training Objectives :

  1. Learn from the Experienced Digital Marketing and SEO Professionals.
  2. Practical & genuine Google SEO Training Methodologies on various types of websites.
  3. Practice and work only on the Live Websites. We do not believe in Demos.
  4. Authentic training on ethical SEO according to Google & other Search Engines guidelines.
  5. Industry designed SEO course content according to the SEO industry’s requirements.
  6. Start learning from the very fundamentals of Search Engine Optimization
  7. Build expertise on Advanced SEO.
  8. No batch system. We value Quality more than Quantity (Real Mantra of Modern SEO).
  9. Affordable SEO course fees in Dhaka for all.
  10. All required SEO Tools & SEO training PDF, PPT and video materials are provided at zero cost.
  11. Ready to Help attitude for everyone.
  12. Post training 100% Job Assistance.